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Seals and Polar Bears in Tallinn:

In the frozen embrace of the Arctic, a mythical connection once intertwined the destinies of seals and polar bears. Legends tell of a time when these majestic creatures swam together in harmonious unity, moving side by side in the cold waters.
As the era changed, so did the climate of the Arctic, disrupting the delicate balance between predator and prey. In modern times, the survival of polar bears and seals hung in the balance, a consequence of climate change.
Participate in the Winter Swimming World Championships in Tallinn, where the icy pool becomes a symbol of hope and solidarity. The event's adorned logo, along with polar bear-shaped medals awarded to champions, contains more than mere symbolism – it signifies a collective struggle for survival in frozen waters.
Winter swimmers, much like their Arctic counterparts, endure the cold, bearing witness to resilience. The polar bear-shaped medals and seals on the logo serve as a reminder of the urgent need to address climate change and protect these majestic beings.
In the depths of the championship pool, polar bears and seals find an unlikely reunion. As swimmers glide through icy waters, they become ambassadors for a greater purpose, echoing the ancient tale of the unity between predator and prey.
Did you know? Occasionally, real seals grace the championship pool, their elegant forms gracefully joining the winter swimmers. This mythical and tangible unexpected encounter enhances the Arctic-inspired atmosphere, reminding everyone of the delicate dance between humanity and the wonders of the Arctic.
In this frozen arena, humanity and nature converge, bound by a legendary icy covenant – a pact renewed with every stroke, kick, and breath in the waters of the Arctic-inspired Admiralty pool.

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