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Services offered Bronze SilverGoldPlatinum
Value 3000€-5000€ 7000€ 13000€-15000€ 25000€+<br>of which 15000€ <br>has to be in cash
Amount Unlimited Up to 2 Up to 12 Up to 2
<span>Advertising space on the end wall. The best location and the most media coverage with athletes. <br>Example: link Puukeskus</span> Yes
<span>A super final named after the company with the top 10 fastest swimmers in both men's and women's categories.</span> Yes
<span>The company's logo displayed during the live broadcast in the logo bar. <br>Example here</span> Yes Yes Yes Yes
<span>Highlighting the company during sponsor advertising.</span> Yes Yes Yes Yes
<span>Display of the company logo on the photo wall next to the podium during the awards ceremony.</span> Yes Yes Yes Yes
<span>Possibility to place a company brand flag or banner in the competition area.</span> Yes Yes Yes Yes
<span>Opportunity to present your products as prizes and take promotional photos with the participants. <br>Example: link Balbiino</span> Yes Yes Yes Yes
<span>Company logo on the back of the neck card. The collar is worn by competitors during competitions.</span> Yes Yes Yes
<span>During the live broadcast breaks between the competitions, it is possible to present a commercial clip of the company up to 1 min long.</span> Yes Yes Yes
<span>The first 12 sponsors will receive their own swimming distance, which will be called repeatedly during the competition.<br> ("Company name/brand" 25 m Butterfly)</span> Yes Yes Yes
<span>Chance to do 1 raffle prize giveaway on the Iceswim Festival Facebook page.</span> Yes Yes Yes
<span>Highlighting and mentioning the main sponsor separately on social media.</span> Yes
<span>Thanking the main sponsor after the competition as a separate post.</span> Yes
<span>The logo of the main sponsor will be displayed during the live broadcast along with the logo of the competitions.</span> Yes
<span>In the priority order, get the second best banner location in the competition area on the handrail of the pool bridge. <br>Example: link Vytautas</span> Yes
<span>Display the logo on the big screen behind the podium at the award ceremony. <br>Example link</span> Yes
<span>The neck cards given to the contestants have a QR code on the front, where the participant can choose activities and other things to do in Tallinn. The QR code also has a link to the sponsor's website, service or product.</span> Yes

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