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Monday 04.03.2024

Participant arrival

Information center open

Participant accreditation





Tuesday 05.03.2024

Opening ceremony

Different swimming distances

Award ceremony

Welcome party




Wednesday 06.03.2024

Different swimming distances

Award ceremony

Super finals





Thursday 07.03.2024

Different swimming distances

Award ceremony

Super finals





Friday 08.03.2024

Different swimming distances

Award ceremony

World record setting: world’s largest winter swimming relay team




Saturday 09.03.2024

Different swimming distances

Relay swimming

Show Performance Team competition

Award ceremony

Closing ceremony

GALA party

Sunday 10.03.2024

Participant departure

Voluntary water immersion






World record event

A new winter relay world record was swum at the winter swimming event in Noblessner Harbour in December 2020. The goal was to establish a winter relay team with the largest number of participants, which was achieved. The hope was to get 1000 swimmers, but because of pandemic first year this goal was not achieved. A total of 505 people participated in the relay team. The event was organized by the same team that organizes Winter Swimming World Championship 2024 in Tallinn. On Friday 08.03.2024 we will try to beat this world record one more time. This time with help of all YOU, the international winter swimming community. The goal is to set a new world record, get at least 1000 swimmers and get a mention in the Guinness Book of World Records. This will be big Friday night event, which will be broadcasted. Of course all saunas will be open and more fun in the program. Here is footage from 2020:


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